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Current web applications list

Here is the current web applications list, that are available:

toptyper.com - One of the best touch typing training apps on the internet. (current priority)

KifuGen.bisbay.com - this creates printable kifu pictures for a board game called GO.

DecisionMaker.bisbay.com (BETA version) - a decision support page. This can systematically calculate the most rational choice you can make on the basis of your criterias and grades. You can make your own or use existing decision models. The UI needs bit more work, but you can already try and make your calculations. Go to you tube for more info about criteria trees - it is not as complicated as it looks at first. Basically its about putting together your criteria and then rate your alternatives based on these criteria. For example, when buying a new computer, you'd make crietria such as: performance, power consumption and price. And then you can rate each of them (criteria) from 1 to 10. The app also supports decision trees, which are a bit different... but lets keep this theory for another day Very Happy is for colaborating and making music online with others. First you store your mp3 files to a file server like fileden, and then you can use them with the overjam network. It is the only application to offer such benefits known to us at this time out there on the internet, though we would like a few bends to sign up first (each band member individually), and try the experience out, because this app is new and does not have many users yet. With overjam music can be created with the help of players arround the world, because other players will add their own mp3 tracks to your mp3 track and then you will choose, which ones you would like to combine into a final mp3 song. In addition you can also make virtual bands with users you like, and have a band page, could be really cool.

We also try to regulary update the news of ProTyper app through a Blog, which is accessible on Here is available all the latest info about the app and its new features or features to come.

Applications that we build are to be unique if possible. If there is any interesting solution wanted to be built, feel free to let us hear your toughts on the forum.


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[ Recent Topics
New feature for ProTyper - Text EDITING test

We have been busy these days with making a new text editing test for ProTyper. Text editing test is about making the least amount of moves to edit from starting text to the ending text. The text editingtest also supports Vim and Emacs editors in addition to normal plain text editor. For more information on Vim and Emacs you can visit Wikipedia links:


To try the new text editor test go to: In future we will also add text editing contests.
ProTyper text editing

Posted by Miha on Thu May 02, 2013 3:18 pm (comments? | Score: 0)
Text generator for beginning touch typing

A new text generator has been added. It supports exercise for beginner touch typing. The text is randomly generated by selected columns and rows inside the text generator. You can use text generator at

A new text generator has been added to support muscle memory training for beginner touch typing. The text is randomly generated by selected columns and rows.


Posted by Miha on Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:32 pm (comments? | Score: 0)
Registration introduction

This post is for all who would like to register here and to describe what benefits does the page offer. I would like to point out, that the purpose of being a member here is to contribute to the development of apps or to share advices to users and developers of the apps. For users would be most important to get info about how to use each app, describe the benefits of using them and also getting to know the field (of theory etc.) of that app. For the developers it will be easy to find out the bugs they need to repair, to make the apps better. While contributing to forums it will make the apps better, and also by sharing the apps to others, we will be able to get more development resources, because currently we are limited to how much and how fast we can develop.

Posted by Miha on Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:01 am (comments? | Score: 0)
ProTyper touch typing app updates for March

Protyper will soon get a new update, where you will be able to use your existing social network accounts to sign in, create your profile and share your typing results to Twitter and Facebook. There is also a new ProTyper Blog, which will inform you of detailed protyper news, updates and other interesting info. You can access the new ProTyper blog here:

Posted by Miha on Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:18 pm (Read More... | 1 comment | Score: 0)
Criteria tree example (embeded option)

Criteria tree example. You can also build your own and embed them like this to your page.

ps. this is a beta version.

Posted by Miha on Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:31 am (comments? | Score: 4)

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